If I would be the Nokia-CEO…

Ich finde die aktuelle Situation traurig. Der ehemalige Weltmarktführer bei Smartphones hat durch den Wechsel von Symbian auf Windows Phone fast alles verloren. Ein Ausweg aus der Krise ist bei der aktuellen Strategie kaum machbar, und sehr viel Zeit bleibt nicht: Bei einer Milliarde Euro Verlust/Jahr und ca. 5 Milliarden Bargeldreserven könnte beim finnischen Hersteller Nokia das Licht im Sommer 2013 ausgehen.
Es ist aber möglich, mit einem totalen Umschwung, einer Rückbesinnung auf die guten Seite, wieder in die richtige Spur zu kommen. Für den folgenden Text stelle man sich vor (fantasievoll 🙂 ), dass ich Stephen Elops Posten übernommen hätte und eine Keynote halte. Wir haben Ende Juni 2012 und es handelt sich um eine kurzfristig geplante Keynote.

Zwei Bemerkungen: Ich weiß nicht, inwiefern das hier vorgestellte möglich ist, doch es wäre ein Weg, Nokia aus der Krise zu holen… Der Text ist auf englisch, da Keynotes ja üblicherweise in der internationalen Sprache gehalten werden… 🙂

Good morning everyone!
Today is one of the last chances for Nokia to find a way out of our dilemma with Symbian, MeeGo and Windows Phone. One of the last chances to make us stronger and take back the position in the smartphone market. One of the last chances to rescue millions of workers, app developers, communities and fans.

I’m not here today to tell you how wonderful Windows Phone 7 is. Because it’s something different, but there are many things you’re not able to do with it.
I’m also not here today to tell you how wonderful Symbian is. Of course it is very nice, but it’s hard to do further things with this huge part of code that’s running on your 701, N8 or 808. Sometimes it’s not running anymore…

When two people are fighting, in most cases the third wins. And the third one in this case is MeeGo. It’s the OS by Nokia that was accepted best by customers, consumers and testers. It, and here I only mean the Nokia N9, is still outselling our whole Lumia series.

So we thought about – and I will present you today – our second OS we will run in future next to Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 – it’s MeeGo 2.0.

MeeGo 2.0 is our future. It’s the best of both worlds, of Symbian Belle and MeeGo running on the N9. It has the intuitive user interface and the more wonderful user experience, but for example it allows you to create more homescreens, change their backgrounds and place widgets on them – just like on Symbian.

In MeeGo 2.0 you can also customize your menu homescreen: You can sort your apps in folders and subfolders, change the icons of apps, folders and subfolders. You can change the whole user interface with just some touches – many colors are preinstalled and themes for MeeGo 2.0 can be developed with the new version of Carbide.UI.

The biggest problem of MeeGo 1 was the small count of apps available on the Nokia Store. That’s history. To give developers and customers the best possibilities, MeeGo 2.0 allows you to run apps written natively for MeeGo, written in Qt, written in Symbian C++, written as a WRT, written in J2ME, written in Python – and, as you have seen on Samsung’s Tizen prototype – written in HTML5 and JavaScript.
That means, that with MeeGo 2.0 you’re able to run all Symbian apps, that are running on Belle, for example Jan Ole Suhr’s wonderful Twitter client Gravity. Without any changes by the developer. Just download the sisx-file and install it.
To make it easier for developers to integrate native functions of MeeGo 2.0, there will be special API’s available for Symbian C++ and J2ME.

But that’s not all. We are happy to announce partnerships with many developers, so that funny and useful apps will reach your MeeGo 2.0 phone – like Angry Birds Space, Draw Something, Plants vs. Zombies. Or more useful maybe the BurgerKing app or many many more.

To launch MeeGo 2.0 I’m happy to announce two smartphones today – the Nokia 920 and the Nokia 925. Both are running this wonderful platform, featuring more than 150.000 apps available from Nokia Store. Both have a 4.4 inch high definition gorilla glass-touchscreen (1280×720 pixel). Both have an intelligent quad-core-CPU. The processor knows, if you need two cores, or four, or only one (that’s the default) and turns off any others to safe battery. Both feature a nice unibody design, and four different colors – black, white, cyan and red. Both feature a 1 GB huge random access memory, WiFi, DLNA, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, micro-HDMI, a microSD card-input, fast internet via 4G/LTE, that will be available not only for America and Canada.
And both phones feature the possibility to watch TV on your way, via DVB-T, including TimeShift and recording functions.

So mixing WiFi, DLNA, microSD and DVB-T results in your mobile player, you can always connect without cables to your monitor to watch TV, offline movies or TV shows. And with dual-view your monitor is the TV set and your phone is the remote control.

The Nokia 920 and Nokia 925 also feature Microsoft Apps 3.0, featuring the presentator app. It uses dual-view, to display different things on the phone and on the monitor. Simply connect the WiFi-dongle to your beamer and you’re able to start your presentation. You see your notes on the phone, and of course you can switch the slide from here, and the listeners see your slides. To show something you can draw on the slide – or you use the in-built laser pointer.

Ok, so now you will ask what are differences between both new phones. The Nokia 920 is the successor of the N8, the N9, the C7, the 701, the 700 and the 603. And the Nokia 925 is the successor of the Nokia E7, because it features a full hardware keyboard.

There are still two things related to the phones missing. First is the camera. And you don’t see it, but it’s full PureView technology. 31 megapixels, Carl Zeiss, dual-LED flashlight, Full-HD video recording with DolbyDigital Plus. And there’s a 3.2 megapixel front camera that you can use to talk with your friends, for example through the new Skype.

Second is the battery and that’s another revolution. Maybe you heard about on of our patents for a self-loading battery at the beginning of the year. Well, now that’s no future anymore, that’s present! With every move of your phone small plates in the battery will move, too. And create kinetic energy that will charge your phone.
To show you an example: I’m using a prototype of the Nokia 920 since one week, for Twitter via Gravity, Facebook via fMobi, YouTube, calls, text messages, push emails, some games and music. And I didn’t had to charge the phone since one week! Isn’t that amazing? 🙂
If there should be any reason to charge your phone, you can do this by two ways: The „normal“ one with a cable and a charger, and the second one with the wireless charging kit.

So the main questions now are When? and How expensive?. The Nokia 920 and Nokia 925 will reach the most important markets, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada, China, Russia and Japan by the first August week, followed by 25 other countries at the beginning of October.
The Nokia 920 will be available for 469 euros in Germany, and you will have to pay 499 euros for the Nokia 925, both with 8 GB memory. Other prices will be nearly the same.

Now to our older customers. We don’t know which of the language developers will select to develop their apps for MeeGo 2.0, in worst case for a 701 user that’s native MeeGo. But it will not be interesting for you, as the latest (and last) real Symbian smartphones and the first generation Symbian smartphones will get MeeGo 2.0 Lite. This version will feature the basic UI and user experience of MeeGo 2.0 and the ability to run the most apps developed for MeeGo 2.0.
The updates for Nokia 603, 700, 701 and 808 PureView will be available in the mid of August, while user of an N8, C7, E7, X7 and 500 will get the update at the end of September.
Customers with an N9 will get the full version of MeeGo 2.0 in about two weeks as an update.
But of course you will get the best experience of MeeGo 2.0, when running it on the Nokia 920 or Nokia 925…

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  1. Ich find deine Ideen sehr cool, wobei manche Dinge wie diese sich-selbst-ladende Batterie mir jetzt nicht so geheuer sind 😉 schick’s doch mal an mr. elop vllt. liest der das tatsächlich mal^^ btw kannst gut englisch 😉

  2. Hallo Schumi,

    wir “kennen” uns indirekt aus dem Nokia Netzwerk.

    Klasse, wie Du die Idee entwickelt hast!!!

    Ich bin kein Experte, was solche Dinge betrifft, aber wenn das alles so geht, wie Du es entworfen hast, dann wäre das ein richtiger Blockbuster!!!

    Alles Gute,


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