Readable for BlaBlaCar: My first Firefox add-on

If you know me as a developer, you will mostly know me by Windows Phone, Windows 10 or Symbian apps. But I always like to have a look into new areas of development and finally I had the reason to do so for browser add-ons: At the end of January BlaBlaCar, a portal to find people driving with you from A to B, has introduced a new “coporate identity”. While its announcement says so much, right now it is just a new logo, new colors and a new font used on the website and in apps – honestly especially in terms of the app there were more important things to do, but let’s continue that part sometimes later here…

So I do not have a problem with a new design, although it also means changes. And actually the new colors look more professional and I like them. But what I dislike is the new font used for the company. As my next trip will be in a few days I was busy adding it to the platform to offer my seats, but after a short times already it was hard to read anything and my eyes absolutely disliked the font. I knew I could use the inspector of my browser, Firefox, to remove the font-family temporarily but I did not wanted to do this every time cause it is annoying. So I studied a bit how it might be possible to solve this problem in long-term and created a small add-on which overrides the font-family with a bit of JavaScript and CSS.

Further I have a GitHub account since a few years already but did not found the time to really use it yet so I changed it here as well and even though it is not a lot of code you cand find it on GitHub here. As this is my first GitHub release feel free to add any feedback in terms of improvements for README file or anything else ­čÖé

At the end I was also interesting in how the publishing workflow to works so I thought this could be a small experiment to try it out. I was really surprised how easy it is to release an add-on, especially compared to how complicated it is to release an app in the Microsoft Store: The UI on Mozilla’s website is fast, lightweight and easy to use. I love the way you can manage multiple languages, because you define one as the default and override in the other languages only what you need – for example the description, but not the title or support mail address. I would love to see this kind of UI for the Microsoft Store for example. Oh and it took me about 30 minutes from creating my developer account to having the add-on downloadable for everyone here:

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